5 simple way to care your cars

Whether buying a new car or used car, then surely you will have to give up
a sum not small (original price, the cost of insurance, fuel materials and maintenance).
So protect automobiles from the environmental impact is one of the necessary work^A801B43558C9A19BCC37568E6EC7F3F19751B6B0FD6D313D00^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr that you need to regularly perform.

Here are 5 simple ways you can do to maintain the value of your car:

1. Regular maintenance

The easiest way to maintain the value of your car is to drive to a service center
regular maintenance. Besides changing the oil, you also need to pay attention to wire cu-roa orange or engine cooling water pump. Please save the invoice each
once you get the car that will be maintained by real evidence (in case car sales), showing you not only simple to use but also to know car care.
2. Keeping your car clean

Like us, outside of the vehicle should be considered. So often wash cars to series unless all the dirt, things can hurt the car. Also of interest to the interior space, processor appear strange smell in the car. However, you should give to a reputable place to ensure “car with” getting the best care.
3. Editing the indentations

When selling the car, just a small dent can make your vehicle lost value in the eyes of potential customers interested in buying the car. Therefore, you need treatment immediately if found dents. Currently on the market there are many companies specializing in repair problems with affordable, so you absolutely can rest assured when making recovery ride. A simple job, but brings great benefits.

4. Negative tarpaulin cover

Whether economic car $ 16,000 or $ 70,000 luxury sedan, the coated tarpaulin cover needs to reduce the harm quality directly from the sun or weather. Besides, it also helps avoid “foreign objects” from the birds. All these things may cause the outside of the car is deteriorated, even in some cases they also rust and corrosion some parts on the car.

5. Upholstered chairs and carpet

Whenever passenger car access can inadvertently scratched the surface material seat. So seat upholstery is an important job, not only protects the car interior space, but also helps the car maintain original features. Meanwhile, the carpet should also be noted to because it can be damaged due to frequent impacts from your shoes when using the pedal.

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