Car ownership is no longer a difficult thing for people in the current , especially for young people. But to be able to come up with what the modle?  What price? when buying ? there is a big question for many people. Let us go through some experiences :

  1. Assessing own financial by yourself


The young man stepped into a new career paths are often faced with many challenges in terms of finance. If you own an ideal salary or capital support from family, think about buying a car. Numerous cost will arise not small after becoming the owner of a car as maintenance, repair, insurance premiums, fuel costs … If you really desire to get a car the first advice for you is to save and spend an affordable way to have an abundant number of bank accounts. These are factors that directly affect the ability to choose your cars.

Credit is the difficult problem with young people. Bank staff often have little trust the young age, instead, they often look to older people with a good credit score, a stable work history, and other financial assets, such as a bank account number or a year home. Thus, young people often ask their parents to borrow money in the name. However, car buying experience for you is to seek loans from acquaintances, it will help you reduce the interest burden and pressure on payment terms.


  1. Considering the extent necessary

If cars really necessary for the job or the new life of your family, please strive to buy the car. When the motorcycle is still meet your needs while financial conditions are not too abundant then buy the car back to the time when your life really stable. Many favored the glamor because outside that managed enough to buy a car road and then turn the property “luxury” it becomes a burden to themselves and their families.


  1. Selection of cars matching itself

The sports car youthful, dynamic, new technology is always great temptation for young people. Many people as a hobby without taking practical ability leads to mistakes in choosing a car. Car buying experience for you in this case is to ignore all the temptations of form aside and focus on the financial strength of your current. The cars have real value would be more appropriate at all. Make up a list of the cars can buy matching purse. And in that list, choose the cars were rated as durable and best fuel economy.

With the help of internet, information assess very popular car and easy search. You can also refer to the opinions of those who have ever used such models to screen out the most appropriate models and maximum avoid the trouble when buying a car.


  1. Negotiate the price


When searched the car like that, the next important step is the process of bargaining. Car buying experience is during negotiations about the price, the better off you need to have an older, more experienced to help you, that person could be a family member, or someone have much experience in the car. When buying a car in a big company, you will have to meet those sales professionals who have been trained professionally, this will have a little trouble with the young and inexperienced in negotiations. Therefore, seek help from experts.


  1. Pay attention to the safety features


Whether you buy new or used car, the vehicle should also have at least one of the following basic features to ensure maximum safety for you and your family using this medium.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS):

This system helps the driver to master the steering wheel while accelerating folding wheel is not locked so hard. If the wheels from locking during transfer, the driver will no longer control the wheel and the car will be pushed to follow inertia. The possibility of an accident would be hard to avoid.


Systems electronic vehicle stability (ESP, or ESC, DSC, VSC):

ESP safety equipment is handled in an active situation, including sensors to monitor the functioning of the control request from the wheel and compare them with the actual operation of vehicles on operating submit. When two data sources conflict with each other, meaning the car you are driving a potential risk of an accident and should be handled promptly. This system is regarded as “angel of protection” for the driver on every journey.

Airbag system:

The effect of the airbag system is fully automated gas pump when accidents occur to reduce the degree of injury of passengers in the car. Specifically, airbags help reduce injuries in the head, neck, chest and face of the driver and the passenger sitting next to the car from the front collision.


Hopefully with the car buying experience over here, young people and all automotive enthusiasts who will make the right decision when purchasing this cars.

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