Rearview mirror is one of the safety devices are indispensable in the car. But not every driver knows to use mirrors properly to drive a car safely.

Most of the drivers when driving normally to the observation of external rearview mirrors overlap much with the cabin. This makes observation area outside rearview mirror and the driver fell to just observe good rear flanks. Here are a few rules to use mirrors properly:


Adjusting the mirror left

To adjust the left mirror standard, you need to tilt the head until it nearly hit the car head on. Next, adjust the mirror so that in this position, you can cover all quadrants in the left rear. At this time, the mirror has expanded more than the original and visibility increases.


Adjusting  the mirror right



You must adjust the mirror by leaning the main output between the car (between the two front seats), look at the outside rearview mirror right and adjust until the entire observable right quadrant behind.


Adjusting  the rearview mirror in cabin


Sitting in the driving position and adjust the rearview mirror in the cabin so that you see the following screen on the center of the mirror.


Observing  truck lane



Experts have advised motorists experience that reached from behind the car will start from the center of the rear view mirror. When approached, it gradually shift to the left (or right), and appear in the respective exterior mirrors.


Observing  before changing lanes


When adjusted the rearview mirror in place, we will eliminate the blind spot behind the vehicle because there will be a small part of the region between the mirror antiseptic. Also use mirrors properly also helps open the viewport. If you have leaned to monitor traffic behind the rearview mirror that was not properly in place and you need to adjust to these principles to ensure safety while driving.

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